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A Pack of Boys: A Mother’s Day Surprise {Idaho Falls, Idaho Photographer}

Remember when I posted the cute Easter pictures of the Harris grandkids? Well this is an extension to this post. I still have to post the rest of the photos of the entire family, but I wanted to dedicate this post to the FIVE Harris boys.

Why? Because for Number One, how often do you take family photos and the five original children are all the same gender? Number Two, how often do those same five boys look alike, have red hair, and fiery personalities that make each of them so unique and yet all part of a brotherhood of sorts? Try never. Well, at least try never again. I doubt there is another family like this one out there. . . just sayin’:)

BRING on the BOYS!

I swear, I was REALLY surprised to find this photo on my camera after I got home to preview all the photos. They were so silly and goofy the entire time, which was FINE because that’s just how they are, but it was a pleasant surprise to find this photo, and I can bet that their momma will be very pleased to have this photo hanging on her wall.




to a great mom, wife, aunt, sister and best of all,



What Else Do I Do?

I will not deny that I am a busy lady. However, if you were to ask someone who knows me, I think they would say I am INSANELY busy. Great example of how easy it is to be quick to judge or compare, right? We base all of our thoughts and feelings about people on appearances until we take the chance to get to know them. So, I may appear to be INSANELY busy, but I will tell you that I make sure I have time for my family. And friends. Everything else is scheduled around that. We have a pretty good routine around our house now, and I think everyone can say that we do a lot, but we play a lot also, which I think is important. I don’t want to look back and wish I had taken more time to spend with my children when they were young.

So, with that being said, what all do I have to offer on the business end?

Let me back up and shed some light on a few things. Ten years ago I started a job with the Bureau of Land Management, designing outdoor recreational/interpretive panels for historical sites and exhibits.  I loved it. I loved being outside, I loved designing on the computer, and I loved interacting with the many people that were involved in each project. However, there was a limit to my creativity with that line of work, so I decided to branch out on my own. I started designing business logos, cards, and posters, and eventually worked my way into web design. I also got a lot of clients who would email me old photos and ask if I could restore them or fix them. Keep in mind, this was really before the average person had a digital camera, so I got really good and had lots of practice on crummy photos. LOL I then decided to expand and dabble in some photography, since I had done it in high school for our yearbook and enjoyed it. I knew what looked good on the computer and after it was printed, so instead of trying to explain what I wanted to come out of the camera to other photographers, why couldn’t I just go capture it myself?

Fast forward. . . and today here I am. Now I am at the point where I am taking photos for high school seniors, families, special events, etc. I am still new in this area of the business. I do not have near the photography portfolio that some of the other photographers have in this area. But, I will tell you, I have the eye, I have the desire for good photos, and I have the creative itch to go out and make your session special. If we don’t get the desired results that we both like, I will gladly go out again on my own time and try again. If the weather turns out to be crummy on your scheduled session date, we will reschedule. On top of that I have many years of experience in graphic design, which allows me to design a custom graduation announcement, family christmas card, or a photo collage that is made just for YOU. I will be straight up-I do not purchase pre-made templates for any project. I design my own custom backgrounds and graphics that fit the style of the subject. If you see something online that you like and would like to have something similar, that is fine, but I will guarantee you that you will have announcements, cards, or whatever you are wanting like no one else’s, and that’s just how I like it to be.  :)

If there is something custom you would like, let’s talk about it! I am ALWAYS open to your suggestions. I got asked the other day in a department store if I would make a special trip to a home for some custom cat pictures. . . what does that tell you?!  :) (And if your curiosity is killing you, I said yes!)

So, I’ve decided to post a few recent projects that I have done that are not just photos, so you can see for yourself that the possibilities are endless-my job is easy-it’s your job of deciding what you want that is the difficult part!:)

1. Custom Photo Template for a County Fair 4-H/FFA Livestock Sale: Each exhibitor’s photo is sent as a thank you to the animal buyer

2. Custom Marketing Packages: Facebook Timeline Image & Facebook/Twitter Icon

3. Custom Wedding Announcements


That is just a few of my  projects-now if I could just upload all my previous posts from my old blog we would be stylin’!  :)


Lyv’s Urban Senior Session FULL ON! {Idaho Falls, Idaho Photographer}


This girl continues to blow me away. First of all, I love her to death. I have really gotten to know her since we’ve moved to Idaho Falls. Plus, my girls L.O.V.E. her. Well, perhaps our dog Mackenna loves her even more than they, but it goes both ways.:)

Anyways, Olyvia is a senior at Hillcrest this year, and I felt so privileged when both her and her momma, who is one of my dear friends, asked me to take her pictures. They showed up and had no clue what they wanted to do, but once we got going, Olyvia ROCKED her session. The time flew by and if we hadn’t have run out of light, I would have kept photographing her.

Peeps, this is why I love photography. The post processing can be fun and turn a great photo into a cool, unique, and totally personalized photo. . . without changing the person you are shooting or doing any mega-editing.


I just can’t get enough, and I just cannot decide which ones are my favorites!

Congrats to Olyvia and the Class of 2012!!


Sneak Peak: Olyvia ROCKIN’ her Senior Session {Idaho Falls, Idaho Photography}

Okay, how the HECK am I supposed to choose a few photos when there are literally like 500 DIFFERENT, AMAZING images. I swear, this girl is this gorgeous NATURALLY. . . her dad better watch out for all those college boys. . .  :)

Here is my VERY favorite, but only if I had to choose ONE, SINGLE photo. They all are amazing, at least in my opinion.

And here are a few other fun ones I couldn’t resist opening up tonight. Love her personality and how these all represent HER. She loves softball and snowboarding, and she is more than good at both of them!

Don’t you love her FUN personality that shows through? She has a positive energy that made me {almost} feel like I was 18 again.:)Thanks Lyv.


Sneak Peeks: Sunny Easter Family Photos {Idaho Falls, Idaho Photographer}

This family is a hoot.

I swear (not literally:)) that EVERY time we get a new family picture taken of these guys, another addition comes along, and we have to collaborate getting an updated photo. Poor Granny doesn’t even get to enjoy her new picture for a year-wait, what am I saying-try ONE MONTH!:)

So once again we gathered up all the kids and grandkids and got together to get some photos. The grandkids were pretty rambunctious, but we still had a blast!

Here are a few of my favorites of the kiddos:



More to come, but I’m not editing a full photo session on Easter! It’s more fun to watch my kids play outside and stuff their faces with candy from their easter eggs!