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A+G= Double Red-headed Trouble! {Idaho Children’s Photographer}

I have been friends with these babies’ parents for a long time. I went to school with their dad, and then was able to celebrate the big Las Vegas wedding with their mom and dad and family, which was a blast, by the way! Because they now live all the way across the country in Florida, we didn’t get to meet these two babies when they were born. Thank goodness for Facebook! LOL. When we found out the entire family was coming to visit their grandma and grandpa in Idaho, we knew we had to get together! So glad they didn’t bring the Florida rain with them for pictures!

Miss Addy was a ball of fire all morning long. I think I got just about every different look she has figured out how to make! I have been told that her momma has the same facial expressions; super cute! It was hard to choose which photos were my favorite-I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision of which ones will go on their mommy and daddy’s wall!:)

And THIS LOOK is what mom got for making Addy stand up!

Little Gavin just didn’t know what to think. We all tried to get him to smile or laugh, but it just didn’t happen. I’m sure he was thinking we were all so silly and wondered why as the morning went on that we got even sillier!

Double trouble in the next few years right here parents!


Red-headed Fun! {Idaho Children’s Photographer}

Here is a sneak peak of what is soon to come! I had a lot of fun with these Florida babies. The twins are just at that stage they are figuring out facial expressions, and boy do they each have their favorite!:)And these first two photos depict PERFECTLY how the entire session was. The poor little man did NOT want to be left alone at all, and little missy was cheerful and curious the entire time. Good thing they have a wonderful big brother to watch them and protect them when they grow up!

This little girl LOVES her big brother Kyle! We didn’t have to tell him anything about posing or looking at the camera-he just picked her up and started playing with her and hauling her around! So so cute!!

This little man did NOT like the grass one bit! The was one of the only photos we were able to get without him screaming immediately after we set him down. He was so serious-more of that cute face to come soon!

This little girl has her facial expressions figured out-we got a lot of her different looks, but you will have to wait just a little longer to see them all!

Kyle is seriously one of the best big brothers. We have known him since he was only 8 years old and he is still as much fun as when we first met him! He was a little shy in front of the camera at first, but maybe it was only because mom had put a kibosh on the first shirt he had on-she made him change into this orange one for pictures.:)Look at his smile. . . the girls are going to be chasing him soon if they aren’t already!


P.I.N.K. for a Special Birthday Girl

This little Halle bug is sure loved! For her birthday, her Granny wanted her to have a special picture that she could look at whenever she was lonely, since her house was no longer a short drive away. She wanted to make sure her only little granddaughter knew just how special she was. . . and I think that there is going to be one happy little girl in another week!:)

The nice thing about a collage like this is that it can be custom designed to your special occasion or your house decorations, etc. I don’t use templates. . . so you really are getting a one-of-a-kind design for your wall!


It’s That Time of Year for Graduating Seniors!

I have had a lot of questions about graduation announcements that come in my Senior Portrait Packages. This is the perfect digital example of what is included if you book a senior session with me: a one-sided, 5×7 card in color/black and white (whatever you prefer) on a nice thick glossy card stock. If you want more, or perhaps you want to upgrade to a specialty paper, or even if you just want to do a front/back announcement, I can definitely tailor it to your needs. . . all you have to do is ask!


Jesten is a lucky guy-his parents have been scrambling around getting everything taken care of and ready for his graduation, and I am sure he is going to be one spoiled guy gift-wise! Congratulations Jesten on this accomplishment in your life! I know you will be successful in everything you choose to do, as you are a very talented young man!