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Baby E | Layton, Utah Newborn Photographer

Baby E was a whopping 10 days old and still oh so tiny when his momma brought him over to take pictures. It was a long trek for this little guy; all the way next door!:)LOL. His dad played football in his ‘younger’ days (wink!) and so they brought over his helmet and all of his squishiness got stuffed in before he knew what was going on. I could just stare at this little boy all day with his perfect and delicate little features. Aren’t you just in love?

I *think* this is my absolute favorite. I keep second guessing myself after looking at all of them again.:)LOL

I love this shot of daddy holding his sweet little boy. So precious!

And of course sister had to get in on the action. I love how she is looking up at her dad-like she is getting his approval.:)Such a big three year old.

The only way you can tell that this little guy is yawning and  not crying is based on the fact that his eyes are not scrunched up. Still, it was a pretty cute little moment.

And then. . . . the sad faces came. . . I couldn’t resist. He is still so cute even though he was so sad!

Unfortunately he wouldn’t stop. He must have thought we were torturing him-poor kid. So there we ended the session with Mr. E. He’s gonna be such a stud. And his big sister wanted some attention. Can’t say I blame her. And am I going to refuse attention to a little blondie with such big and beautiful blue eyes? I. Think. Not. Her daddy is gonna have a tough time when she is a teenager. HEART breaker. LOVE!

* Disclaimer: This baby’s mom was carefully holding the helmet the entire time the baby was in it. Photographers, please remember that you can’t always see the behind-the-scenes and make sure that your newborns are safe and secure the entire time.


The Celebrity Wedding of the Year Bridals and Groomals | Idaho Falls, Idaho Photographer

Okay, I have to say this was probably one of the most difficult sessions to shoot. I’m talking crazy storm winter weather, cold little kids, and the wedding scheduled for later in the afternoon. Trying to stay CLEAN while taking outdoor pictures in the slushy snow so that the afternoon wedding looked perfect? EASIER SAID THAN DONE. Not the most ideal morning bridal/groomal session, but we go with the flow around here and we weren’t about to let the snowstorm get the best of us! Take that East Idaho weather!



A Little Football Star | Layton, Utah Newborn Photographer

Here is a sneak peek at what I’m working on today. . . I was a lucky gal getting to take cute pictures of this little fresh squishy guy.:)More to come soon, I promise!