Uncle Love

I couldn’t help but want to show this photo because I LOVE IT. And I love the people in it. They are smiling. They are happy. And they are my FAMILY.

I live off of memories. I can’t say I remember everything, but I like to think that all the memories that we make with our siblings, children, extended family and others will be just as important later on in our lives as I feel like they are to me, and that they will be just as memorable to my kids. In this particular photo, we only had about 30 minutes to spend with my brother aka “Uncle Darren.” Even though it was quick, it was just enough to eat some famous custard and play Polly Pockets from the trunk of our car before loading everyone back up and making the long drive back home. ¬†And it was enough for everyone to smile, laugh, giggle, and be tickled. And that made my day. I hope one day after Uncle Darren moves back east and starts his new “dream” job driving John Deere Tractors, that my kids will tell me that they miss him, but then smile at the fact that we were able to spend some quality time with each other before he had to go so far away on his new adventure. I love that my brothers enjoy spending time with my kids, and I love that my kids want to visit their uncles and play with them.

Isn’t that what life is all about?


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