The Celebrity Wedding of the Year Engagements | Idaho Falls, Idaho Photographer

Okay, so how often do you get a phone call asking if you will shoot the “Celebrity Wedding of the Year” in East Idaho????? I have this awesome opportunity to work with someone who has had quite the journey in a lot of ways, and  now she is getting the (much deserved) royal treatment for her big wedding day, and I have been chosen to get to capture it and share it with her and her family. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this opportunity, and if you read this Jess, THANK YOU. Sincerely. <3

Meet Jess. Jess Jennings. Morning show co-host for 105.5 The Hawk. Mom. Lover of Diet Dr. Pepper. Marrying Farmboy in February. I could go on and on listing things that she is. But why keep blabbing when I can show you?


Jess will be sharing her wedding with all of her radio listeners and friends. So far she has allowed her listeners to choose her wedding dress and the music. All voting takes place at East Idaho Weddings. Next up for voting, photos for the invitations! Stay tuned for the winning pictures that YOU can vote on! Meanwhile, head on over to East Idaho Weddings where I am a featured vendor! <3


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