Baby Bears, Oh My!

Today I took my girls and my aunt and cousin to see the baby bears from Yellowstone Bear World. Two years ago we had the amazing chance to go hold and play with the baby bears before they were released to the public, and I wanted my kids to get to see and hold them again now that there is one more addition to the family.:)Plus Macy was only two last time we saw them and didn’t remember going, so we had to create another memory! <3

Here is a sneak peak of our fun! We had to pay to get this photo taken, and it is really hard for me to pay someone to take my photo, especially when the entire time I’m hoping that all my kids have their eyes open when the guy pushes the shutter button because he won’t retake it if it isn’t up to my standards. . .

I will be uploading more that I took myself soon! (And by the way we had just gotten done watching my cousin Lyndsie totally ROCK her cheer competition-her squad took first place, and she took 3rd in the individual jumping competition!)







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