A Pack of Boys: A Mother’s Day Surprise {Idaho Falls, Idaho Photographer}

Remember when I posted the cute Easter pictures of the Harris grandkids? Well this is an extension to this post. I still have to post the rest of the photos of the entire family, but I wanted to dedicate this post to the FIVE Harris boys.

Why? Because for Number One, how often do you take family photos and the five original children are all the same gender? Number Two, how often do those same five boys look alike, have red hair, and fiery personalities that make each of them so unique and yet all part of a brotherhood of sorts? Try never. Well, at least try never again. I doubt there is another family like this one out there. . . just sayin’:)

BRING on the BOYS!

I swear, I was REALLY surprised to find this photo on my camera after I got home to preview all the photos. They were so silly and goofy the entire time, which was FINE because that’s just how they are, but it was a pleasant surprise to find this photo, and I can bet that their momma will be very pleased to have this photo hanging on her wall.




to a great mom, wife, aunt, sister and best of all,



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